FixD and Platform 4 invite you to a talk on UX in MobilePay ! It's free to join, and open both for students and for everyone else who are interested in design and technology.

"Let’s get nerdy on UX. Spend an evening learning everything about working with UX in MobilePay. E.g. how the recent design change in MobilePay was implemented, how users are involved, how the UX organisation looks like (and where you could fit in) and which MobilePay UX elements we care the most about."

Peter Gregersen, Lead UX Designer in MobilePay, holds a degree in Information Studies. He has conceptualized and designed mobile banking products for Danske Bank since 2007 and was among the founders of award winning products like Danske Mobilbank, MobilePay and WeShare.

Currently, he works on keeping MobilePay in a peak UX condition and maturing the growing UX organisation. Occasionally, there is even a new concept that gets his attention.