Live: Sigurvin Sigurdsson, Spring & I

The return and union of two bands on our stage

Game Jam

Weekly night of game development and gadgets

Writing Sprint

Join this writing sprint at the Platform 4 cafe if you have some kind of writing job to do.

Danish Footbag Championships 2014

It's the championship. We house it.

Screening: 'Himlen Brænder' and Rufus Spencer live

Come enjoy local cinema and local music with us

1000Fryd x Platform 4: Bottled in England, Beastie Respond, Toby Determined

We raise bass hell in collaboration with 1000Fryd

Dumpster Diving

Girls cook you dinner from dumpsters

Workshop: 3D modeling

Beginner's level workshop into the wonderful world of 3D modeling

Frekvens Festival 2014

The electronic dance music festival is back at Platform 4 headlined by Zombie Disco Squad (UK) and Monte (DE)