Platform4 is a non-profit user-driven project-oriented association and venue that experiments with technology (electronics) in combination with artistic genres such as music, contemporary art, design, hacking, architecture, game development, 3D printing, video projection and much more.

We want the house in Karolinelund to be a learning playground for students, entrepreneurs, cultural organisations and businesses who have art & technology projects to create, share and develop.

In order to become this playground we want to frame and open up our facilities, skills, knowledge and network to as many people as finansially possible. We offer short crash courses to introduce people to the house, organise workshops and talks to give people new ideas, methods and skills, and host social  and cultural events to make people meet.

Platform4's open forum is the Wednesday Panorama meeting every Wednesday at 17:00. Here the concept of Platform4 and new faces are introduced to each other, and status on current projects and ideas for new projects are presented. This way people and their projects can inspire, collaborate, support and help each other.