Wednesday Panorama

Every Wednesday all Platformers get together at our weekly Wednesday Panorama. As a part of the meeting we pitch ideas and vote on them. The project with most votes wins and becomes the weekly project. The weekly project will be granted 1000 DKR. for covering material costs, and you'll have to chance to realize your project in the collective work spaces of Platform4. The Weekly Project is a possibility for you to realize your projects within the frame of art and technology alongside or together with others. (If you have any questions contact

So show up at Platform4 at 17 and present your ideas!

Former Weekly Projects: Pimp-your-hardware-workshop, open source 3D-printers, art exhibitions, sound systems, raspberry-pie server stations, P4 darkroom, IKEA-HACK lamps for the café and a lot more.

The café will be open from 15-20. There will be coffee, tea, 3D-printers, delicious snacks for the hungry, and organic beer and cider for the thirsty.

Pic: Tesla Coil Experiment @P4 2011 (Photo by: Simon Andersen)