Periskop "40" - Release event

On May 25, Danish producer Periskop releases his album "40" on Uhrlaut Records. The release will be marked by 3 events in Denmark - in Copenhagen, in Periskop's native city of Aarhus and in Aalborg. Each night will feature presentation and listening session of 40, smoky whiskey and black beer - and live concert by a carefully selected band - in Aalborg the progressive sludge metal band Aedra!

40 will be a release containing FORTY full length albums on a special gatefold LP+USB format. One album on the LP and 39 albums as bonus material on the custom made USB key. The entire release will be available from as free download (under Creative Commons license). With more than 30 hours of music, this will be the longest music release in the history of Danish music.

Periskop can be described as industrial dub techno and oceanic click-doom. Heavy submarine impulses and beautiful ecstatic power surges. Dark underwater techno meets intense industrial atmosphere in a tactile world of sound that seeks to overwhelm the listener.

Check out these 2 tracks from the forthcoming release: 

Check out the support Aedra:

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Friday May 24 @ 20.00
Platform4, Karolinelundsvej 38, 9000 Aalborg
Admission: DKK 40