06/11/17 18:00
Free admission

FixD and Platform 4 invite you to a talk by electronic musician and researcher Spyros Polychronopoulos

Spyros works within the crossfields of sound and interaction design, and will present both his work on acoustic levitation technology and his work on music technology.

His talk bears the title 'Scientific and Aesthetic aspects of Sound: Acoustic Levitation / Music Technology'.

Part 1:
Using acoustic signals that catch the eye is a fairly new direction of acoustic science towards interdisciplinary applications. Levitated particles creating shapes in mid-air would be perhaps our future’s 3D display.

Part 2:
New ways of creating and delivering music. The aesthetics of dead (as pre-recorded) and live (as endless unique reproduced) music. 

CV: Spyros Polychronopoulos was born at Athens in 1980. Even from his youth, he was interested in sound as a physical phenomenon as well as in sound’s artistic perspective (music). After his graduation from the Physics Department, he completed his PhD in Polytechnic department of University of Patras on acoustics and he has published a considerable number of papers. As for the artistic aspect of sound, he released 15 albums and conducted a great number of concerts. Furthermore, he organized workshops and gave lectures regarding the new technologies in composition and aesthetics of music. At present, he works as a Research Fellow at the Informatics Department of University of Sussex, UK within “Human-computer Interaction for Acoustic Levitation”.