Torsdags Toner #2

Second installment in our new concept Torsdags Toner

Torsdags Toner #1

First installment of our new concept "Torsdags Toner"

Screening: TPB:AFK - The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard

The Pirate Bay is the most resilient file sharing website in the world and by many seen as the symbol of a new Internet age of information sharing and new economic paradigms.

KinoPlatform: Ward №6

The movie is based on the narrative of Anton Chekhov – prominent Russian physician, dramatist and short story writer.

Sail-In Cinema / Sail-In Biograf

We all know the drive-in phenomenon from the United States in the 50's, where you drove your car into a field in front of an outdoor giant screen to watch movies. In this weekend event the format is transformed into an even bigger version, when the field is substituted with the Aalborg harbour - and the cars are substituted with boats and water bikes - when Platform4 invites everyone to SAIL-IN CINEMA in Aalborg's old industrial basin, Østre Havn Harbour.