Kenton Slash Demon at Northern Winter Beat

When Saints Go Machine members explore the spheres of house, techno and disco in critically acclaimed side project

Beastie Respond at Northern Winter Beat

Eclectic bass music talent with celebrity fans plays first show in his native city

SPEkTR at Northern Winter Beat

A cinematic experience that plays like the score to its own unrecorded space thriller

Roxy Jules at Northern Winter Beat

A porous and powerful, theremin-induced rush of rock

TEDx Aalborg Cinema #2

Don't miss your last opportunity of the year for TEDx Aalborg Cinema – one hour of enriching ideas worth spreading at Platform4.

TEDxAalborgCinema #1

We are back! It's time to begin our official TEDxAalborgCinema events. An hour of enriching ideas worth spreading at our regular place. Bring your folks and lets create the awesome atmosphere again.

Vektormusik (live) and Badun (live)

Double concert: Vektormusik and Badun

Symfonien vs. Platform4 #5

After a series of popular events the audiovisual partnership between Platform4 and Aalborg Symphony Orchestra is back in its usual habitat at Symfonien in Kjellerupsgade.

Screening of TED talks #2

1 hour of ideas worth spreading, fostering knowledge sharing within our community in Aalborg.