TEDxAalborgCinema #1

We are back! It's time to begin our official TEDxAalborgCinema events. An hour of enriching ideas worth spreading at our regular place. Bring your folks and lets create the awesome atmosphere again.

Vektormusik (live) and Badun (live)

Double concert: Vektormusik and Badun

Symfonien vs. Platform4 #5

After a series of popular events the audiovisual partnership between Platform4 and Aalborg Symphony Orchestra is back in its usual habitat at Symfonien in Kjellerupsgade.

Exhibition opening: Photostream by Uwe Max Jensen

In fifteen photographies Uwe Max Jensen provides an interesting take on contemporary social realism taking its starting point in a stolen smartphone.

Screening of TED talks #2

1 hour of ideas worth spreading, fostering knowledge sharing within our community in Aalborg.

Exhibition: Christyan Lundblad

Christyan Lundblad is studying at the Animation Workshop in Viborg, and will present his acrylic paintings at Platform4.

TED Screening

It is now time for IDEAS WORTH SPREADING to foster knowledge sharing within our community in Aalborg!


The focus of the D-I-Y festival is open source and knowledge sharing, and the artistic use of 3D printing. Open source 3D-printers are basically machines that most people would be able put together at home. What a 3D printer can do is transforming a virtual 3D-model into a physical object by melting and “printing” a material - layer upon layer.


Open platform for game developers and everybody with a passion for games and experiments every Monday@P4.